Flowers are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities of the world.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


About The Bloom Of Time


We believe that flowers are a gift from nature. Inviting fresh flowers into our environment brings us happiness and a sense of well-being, whether to a grand occasion or to our daily lives. To give and receive flowers, to co-exist with them, is to appreciate the natural beauty inherent to our world, which in turn beautifies the mind. The simple yet enchanting allure of flowers has captivated us, and we invite you to share in our passion.

The Bloom Of Time began with a giant spark of creativity and a simple passion for making art out of the bounty that nature brings us with each season. Founded by Adrienne and Jed Moore in 2012, The Bloom Of Time has grown to include a team of talented designers servicing Orange County and Southern California.

The phrase "the bloom of time" stems from the meaning of the Japanese words, wabi-sabi, which approach the beauty and character that material things acquire as they endure the passing of time — something which has always inspired our work.


We are passionate about working personally with our clients to meet and exceed their needs and expectations, creating designs that are eye-catching, relevant, and expressive of their individual stories. Our broad repertoire of styles ranges from classic and garden-inspired to modern and contemporary, from rustic and bohemian to polished and glamorous. Our team of artisans is available to build custom structures, design artistic backdrops, create calligraphy and lettered signage, and provide décor to complete the visual design of your event. 

We seek to provide you with a premium floral experience, using our design expertise to infuse your environment with an inviting and artful touch. We specialize in weddings and occasions of all kinds, as well as individually inspired designs for your home, workplace, friend, or loved one.

Please contact us for your complimentary consultation. We can't wait to hear from you!